Profile Improvement Plan – Decoding the job-hunt puzzle!

Profile Improvement Plan – Decoding the job-hunt puzzle!


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Hey there!

Are you confused on how to make a flawless resume that makes it to the desk of the hiring managers, worried about getting the relevant job opening calls or cracking tough job interviews?

Well, Prism HRC is here to light your path towards the perfect job through the Profile Improvement Plan!

Wondering how?

The Profile Improvement Plan is all you need in your endeavor of looking for a job as it helps you to:

  • Polish and perfect your resume

  • Be found by updating your profile on leading job-hunt portals

  • Prepare for any round of interview

  1. WOW recruiters with your resume by having it REVIEWED by experts

Having a fresh set of eyes take a look at your resume is a great way of spotting even the smallest of errors and ensuring that your resume highlights the pertinent details for an ideal job search.

And what if you get a feedback straight from the horse’s mouth?

  • Have your resume reviewed by recruiters, industry professionals and trusted connections with firsthand experience in the field of your interest.

  • Get all your questions answered in person regarding format, content, references to be given, whether a photograph should be added, objective statement and myriads of aspects requiring clarity

  1. Be found by the RIGHT RECRUITER – Increase the visibility of your resume on job search portals

After creating a professional resume, you are a step closer to your dream job but it’s imperative to ensure that your resume doesn’t get tossed into the file of those candidates employers don’t want to consider.

It is crucial to get relevant interview calls by having the right keywords in your profile so as to make yourself visible to recruiters and hiring managers else your profile may not be visible among hundreds of the kind regardless of how well-written your resume is.

We help you incorporate the apt keywords that reflect your key skills and qualifications and enable you to update your profile on prominent job search portals so that your profile rises to the top and gets noticed.

  1. EQUIP yourself to ACE the interview!

Next in line is occupying the much sought after hot seat, usually the last step of the job run.

We let you interact with recruiters and professionals who are experts in your field of interest so that you can equip yourself to deal with questions pertaining to your interview.

We endeavor to facilitate you to handle any job interview including personal interview, aptitude tests and group discussions, etc.