Are you maintaining a proper work-life balance?

Are you maintaining a proper work-life balance?


Workaholics are often people who are misunderstood due to ‘n’ number of work pressures and their efforts in trying to keep up with them, which usually results in them not getting enough time with their respective families with no priorities or boundaries set towards their work routine they probably miss out on various parts of their life. So since early days of your job, make it a point of maintaining work-life balance so at a later stage you don’t get stuck in between priorities or end up losing one altogether.

To make this process easier for you we have put together some simple yet very important points to maintain work-life balance.

  • Set your boundaries: Draw a line between personal life and professional life and maintain it. Not only will this set line keep both the sides of the party happy but also give you peace and ample amount of space and time because the last thing you need in your life is your work disturbed because of your personal life or your personal life becoming a mess because of your work ethic.

  • Communication is the key: If you are facing any problems at your job communicate them with your family if its causing you unnecessary stress and irritation so that they won’t bother you with multiple questions leaving you angry and frustrated and would rather support you till the phase passes . Similarly if you are going through emotional turmoil or a stressful time in your personal life share it with your subordinates or colleague’s so you have a mutual understanding and support from them.

  • Make full use of technology: With advancements in technology work from home has now become a thing. So even if you fall sick or have to stay at home with regards to personal issues your work can still be done from the laptop sitting at your home with a single click, all you need is internet and you are all set. Skype and various other software’s can come in handy, mails and messages can be sent on the go so even if you call a sick day.

  • Set your work hours: If you plan on bringing your incomplete work at home make sure you set your work hours accordingly. Family or me time is just as important as your office work and should never be taken for granted. Try and complete pending work in a set time of three or four hours and then spend the remaining time with your family, keep this time as a constant and stick to it every day so that your work gets completed without any disturbance and even your family time is not disappointed .

  • Do what you love: Make time for things that you love whenever you get a break from work because a ‘Me’ time is always a good way to get in happy state of mind. In your free time read a book , watch a movie , go on a vacation that you were postponing since weeks , do everything that you love to do so when you return to work after your break you can begin with a fresh mind . This increases your productivity but keeps you on your toes.

  • Prioritise your professional and personal life: Your life outside as well as inside your office matters. Your productivity and time management skills will always come handy, so priority is the most important aspect of maintaining work-life balance. Decide beforehand what matters and what doesn’t what you think requires more attention and what need not be tend to immediately. This will help you sail smoothly through both personal & professional life. Compartmentalize everything since the beginning according to their urgency so they don’t mess up your life at the end and you are stuck with sorting it out on your own because you let both things mix up. Decide what matters the most, your career or your personal life and make it known to everyone around you so no two things are messed up at a later stage.

Work and life are two important parts of an individual’s life that stay with you till the very end and to maintain a balance it is crucial to give equal importance to both of them as one side weighing more than the other is always a bad thing even if your priorities are set that way someday you are bound to mess up and miss out on far more greater opportunities in your life because less attention was paid to another one. So Plan it out, execute it well and see how beautifully your work as well as your life maintains a peaceful balance.