Why having a role model is important?

Why having a role model is important?


You must have often wondered if you look up to someone or as you grow up if someone looks up to what you do. This is what I role model in a lay man’s words is. Ever since you are little you grow up idolising people, admiring them for whatever the reasons may be, if the same is asked to an eight year old, he or she may say his / her parents are his/ her role model because at that age they really are but as we gradually socialise and learn new things, meet people from various walks of life our idols change and our perception of who our role model is, what should he / she be like changes too. These role models are an important part of your life till you die and today you will learn why….

  • Values and opinions: After your mother and father if any person has the power for you to change your decisions , your faith , your values , you beliefs be it spiritually , emotionally or professionally then the answer is your role model. If you consider a particular person your role model then it would have been for a reason that is relatable to you and only you so when you idolise someone like that you start to inculcate their values and opinions in your day to day life thus bringing about a change in your former self.

  • A Positive outlook: Discipline, dedication, perseverance, passion, positivity are values you learn from your role model. If you look up to someone who is a person of such values then you are on the right path but if your role model is someone who is the opposite of a positive person and a bad person then there’s an 100% chance you will never succeed  in life if you follow such a person’s footsteps.

  • Sharing the same passion: Passion is where the heart is and your heart is where your idol is. Many times you will find yourself wanting to do something that your idol does it may be things like becoming an avid traveller, an author, a chef, an actor, a doctor etc. and you will end up choosing the same career path for yourself not because it is what your idol does but because they fuel your passion in a career that brings you closer to your dreams at the same time bringing you closer to you idol.

  • Having one or more role model: If you have one or more role model now or in near future that’s the greatest thing ever but make sure that it doesn’t complicate your thoughts because if the idol’s you follow are not following the same profession you may end up with contradicting feelings about your life your career and the path you follow ahead. So even if you have two idols with different professions make sure that you follow the beliefs and virtues of only one.

  • Witnessing Success: You as an admirer will always be happy when your role model achieves or succeeds at something and will also get sad and outraged if they don’t , even if you may not think it at that time but your role model’s success and failures will affect you a lot if you are an avid follower of his or her life so whenever you witness their triumphs or their hardships remember all the good and bad days pass and just as your  role model shall emerge as a winner you will have too because if they don’t give up you can’t too, motivation is the key.

And don’t worry if you haven’t found your role model yet or if you don’t believe in having one remember the wise men always say, "You are your own creator" be your own critique and pat your own back when you achieve something big , don’t ever lose hope or give up on something just because it looks impossible , because it is possible and if you get stuck in something you always have you role models success stories to give you enough motivation to get you through it and if that doesn’t help your parents & peers will always have your back. Do You!