What to anticipate when working as a fresher?

What to anticipate when working as a fresher?


With the growing gap in pass outs and employment opportunities bagging a job as a fresher be it in a start-up or a corporate is as difficult as catching a train in the peak hours.

So when you land your first job as a fresher here are some of the things you need to expect as a fresher:

  • Time Management: Being a fresher you will be expected to work in tight deadlines where time is the most crucial factor and mistakes are not taken lightly. So before saying yes to multiple things at work make sure you have your schedule planned out in such a way that It’s not stressful, gives you ample amount of time to execute stuff and complete tasks before the expected time.

  • Multitasking is the key: Office environments are challenging in their own way with the amount of task and the time needed to complete them changes every day so it’s better to be adaptable in such environments for your work to be done faster. One person has several roles to do and as a fresher that will be expected of you too so make sure you are a fast learner and only take on responsibilities that can be completed by you.

  • No Training time : It may be a multinational company or a fellow start-up even though your team heads may guide you from time to time if you get stuck as fresher , they won’t grant you a set time for training you as the previous point said every individual has multiple roles to do in an organisation so time constraint & tight deadlines won’t get you any training time so make sure you briefly get to know what the company will and will not offer to you when it comes to your job profile so that you don’t get stuck doing something you don’t know .

  • Exposure to learning : The company you start with will provide you with ample amount of exposure so that you have hands on experience in the know- how of how the company conducts its day to day tasks  , company features , policies , what are the responsibilities handled by every department . When you learn these things you also learn so much about different department’s work ethic too. So if you ever get a free time from your work make sure you stroll around and try and learn as much as you can about other departments too you never know when you may find one to be helpful to you.

  • Evolving Company Policies : Many MNC’s and start up’s have changed their company policies for employees wherein they either allow work from home facility for the candidate or have flexible work hours as long as the task provided to you gets done . Sometimes companies have a catch when it comes to flexible working hours, that is less pay but its fine as long as you get the right amount of hand’s on experience you need as a fresher.

  • Learning Attitude: As a fresher you should always start each day with a fresh mind and take on responsibility for each task with a positive attitude. A laidback attitude will get you no where and only question your credibility so its important that you learn and grasp whatever knowledge u can get with a humble and positive attitude.

So, study the company profile well on your first day, understand how stuff works around the company, learn as much as you can, multitask but manage your time accordingly and you are good to go.